03 January, 2013

RIP Damini

She died after a long fight ......

That incident of 16th December 2012 was one of the most cruel incidents of rape in Indian History.The accused reminded everybody of Timur Lang and Aurangzeb. That was a barbarous event.
People stepped out of  their houses and protested in every manner. Students,Teachers,Doctors,Lawyers IT professionals protested and every corner of society was full of anger and every one wants death for those culprits.
Women Organisations demanding stricter punishment for rape.

I think we should change our thinking towards girls instead of making tougher laws.
Police should make  PCRs available for Surveillance and Patrolling regularly and covers every corner of their jurisdiction at least once a day.This would create fear in the hearts of the filthy eve teasers.

Media has turned this issue into profit making TRP game.

Make juvenile age 16 instead of 18.  RIP Damini

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